Big5 is an independent organization with a broad network. We tune our services to your situation and approach before the parties who best fit your profile.

Whether it comes to housing, schooling and if the energy supplier. Who we work with depends on the company and match your profile.

This is also a feature where Big5 consciously choose, and only independence can lead here.

Sander Veenman CEO & Managing partner

My name is Sander Veenman and I live in Eindhoven. I have a wife Lesley and 1 son his name is Mason. After graduating from University I started my own housing agency in Eindhoven. The company has now been in existence for 10 years. We consider ourselves to be forward thinking and we are aw...
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+31 6 52300765sander.veenman@big5relo.com
Sander Veenman
Evelyne Maaswinkel Office Customer Manager

My name is Evelyne Maaswinkel, born and raised in the Netherlands, happily married and a son called Job (that's my other job;-) The past years I've been active at the International society of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, I am eager to use this experience to make your reloc...
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+31 6 33856888evelyne.maaswinkel@big5relo.com
Evelyne Maaswinkel
Sharda Weistra Consultant

My name is Sharda Weistra and I look forward to assist you with your relocation to the Eindhoven area. I grew up in Eindhoven and have lived and worked abroad for many years after finishing my engineering degree in Supply Chain Management. I met my husband in the US and together we have three chi...
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+31 6 14218380sharda.weistra@big5relo.com
Sharda Weistra
Anita Beket Consultant

My name is Anita Beket, I am a British expat and I have lived in the Netherlands for the past 27 years. After completing my University education I moved to the Netherlands for personal reasons. I have three children who have all been through the Dutch education system. I am also involved i...
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+31 6 45442066anita.beket@big5relo.com
Anita Beket
Dinie van der Weide Consultant

My name is Dinie van der Weide. ...
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+31 6 41944616 dinie.vanderweide@big5relo.com
Dinie van der Weide

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