Choosing where to live in a new country might be overwhelming. Not only you are not familiar with the area but also the procedures may differ and you may not find all necessary information in a language you understand. Therefore it is recommended to seek help of professionals with a good knowledge of the area.

When choosing a place to live it is always important to consider the characteristics of the neighborhood, traffic in the area, noise, safety, proximity to public transport, schools, work, shops, church, or other places you might need to visit regularly. Eindhoven offers a large variety of housing from small apartments and studios to big single-family detached houses and villas. Since the Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe, the properties tend to be smaller than in other countries, especially if you choose to live in the city center. Many people therefore choose to live outside of the cities. Eindhoven is surrounded with several smaller villages and towns which offer a variety of bigger houses with gardens and a very good infrastructure. Moreover, they are easily accessible from Eindhoven by bike, by bus, or by train.

It is more common for internationals to rent their properties, the decision depends on the length of your stay. In case you are interested in buying a house, it is possible even for the internationals to obtain a mortgage.

Big5’s network and quality contacts in the region help expats with their search for good housing and negotiation to secure the best deal. We cooperate with the best housing agencies in Eindhoven. Our services consist of for example negotiating price, arranging upgrade work or decoration, energy, TV, internet and telephone suppliers, even a neighborhood orientation program. We will show you a wide range of accommodation options and let you visit a variety of houses and areas. We can also help with more focused choices, if time is tight.

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