Sharda Weistra

My name is Sharda Weistra and I look forward to assist you with your relocation to the Eindhoven area. I grew up in Eindhoven and have lived and worked abroad for many years after finishing my engineering degree in Supply Chain Management. I met my husband in the US and together we have three children, who were all born in Asia and who have attended schools in Asia, the US and The Netherlands.

After repatriating to Eindhoven I started volunteering at multiple projects throughout the Brainport area. My main focus was improving the settling-in process for spouses. My career as a Relocation Consultant started at the same time.

I look forward to share my knowledge, experiences and network with you. My goal is to help you settle in and to make you feel at home as soon as possible by decreasing the stress levels which come with an international move.



+31 6

P.O. Box 91 | 5600 AB Eindhoven | t: + 31 40 235 1505

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